Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I bought these great beautifully sliced portabello mushrooms. I love the taste! Sautéed them with a little olive oil and half the can of diced tomatoes. I love my usual salads but I didn’t want these to go to waste.
No salt! They did great with the mushrooms, but they were still salty tasting to me! Go figure! I guess, I got un-used to canned food taste...? 
Overall they turned out great. The tomatoes gave them just a slight layer of flavor until the yummy mushroom taste came through. Paired with ground buffalo meat seasoned with a little black pepper. Very yummy.

 Shortly after dinner, we loaded the stroller, set the water sprinkler and off for a walk we went.  Can you believe with 100+ day temperatures, there was actually a breeze! A breeze, I almost forgot they existed in this humid heat!!!
Since my goal was to follow the Mayo Clinic 5K training schedule, today was the “running” day. 15 seconds of jogging with 45 seconds of walking. I am not a runner, jogger or even a fast walker for that matter.  I am almost ashamed to admit I don’t even know how to properly jog! I gathered some tips on the internet, run within the frame of your body, have a snack after the jog, etc. But I am pre-pre-novice here!  Nevertheless, we took off and found a really nice trail that extended the width of our neighborhood. We reached the park in no time. Such a nice shortcut. Also, it sits back at the end of the neighborhood, making it a super quiet walk. Only a few people walking, playing outside or watering their garden and nicely shaded! Our new route.
After getting back, I had one hefty scoop of Almond butter. My counselor had advised to save just a small portion of my lean and green and have it after the jog. Unfortunately, with this hot weather, I had not planned on going out, so I was unprepared! We are officially out of peanut butter, so I “borrowed” a scoop from my daughter’s almond butter.
Just showered and put the baby to bed. Time for some mindless tv!!! What is on tonight?

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