Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After a week's vacation, there was no food in the fridge.  I get inspired by a fully stocked fridge, so off to the grocery store we went! We loaded up on a few basics to get us through the next few days. Not pictures is the rotisserie chicken. A quick salad was on the menu!
 I love the Thousand Island dressing, but am trying the Raspberry and the Champagne.  My friend made the best salad that had me craving for more seeds!
 After dinner, I watched the Rocco's Dinner Party show on Bravo. I went back into the kitchen, and started prepping the grapes for my daughter. It makes it so much easier to have them all cut up and saved rather than trying to cut them the day we are packing them! Washed, sliced, stored and in the fridge!!!
 I put together my Medifast Meals for tomorrow. This is the last bar!!! I had a repair man coming out at 5, so there was no way I could stop at the Medifast Office.  I HAVE to go tomorrow, no bars??? I can't handle that! =)
 After washing the dishes, I still felt the cleaning bug! I took everything out of the fridge, wiped down walls and shelves. Ha! I feel so organized now! The first shelf usually hold all of my daughters snacks. The eggs are just visiting! The second shelf has ground turkey defrosting, rotisserie chicken and left over beans.
And the third shelf is all mine!! Its the mini salad bar. Everything cubed and prepped, cut up mini peppers, cut up broccoli and cut up scallions. I ran out of containers, so I borrowed one of my daughters, shhh!!!
 Sorry for the sideways picture, could not get it to cooperate!
Tonight I prepared a huge salad with chicken breast. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it!
But I do have a picture of yesterday's dinner. Little patties of ground buffalo with steamed broccoli and a side of sugar free green tea.

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