Saturday, July 12, 2014

The fun side of being sick!

I have a huge swollen eye thanks not taking my allergy medicine! So instead of going out, we stayed in today. Little S was with grandma. I woke up to the best thing on the beside table! Coffee!!!
Exactly the way I like it! Iced French Vanilla Americano, light ice and a splash of soy at the end! Perfection! 

We hung around and I tackled some laundry, while the hubs cleaned out the garage for me!  This is only about a week's worth of laundry! 
 To make our mornings easier, one hanger hold -shorts & shirts, pair of socks and underwear. I or she can just pull one of the rack and she is all set. No more hunting for matching items when I need coffee and she "is too sleepy" to look.
 I keep two extra outfits just tops and bottoms on the closet shelf just in case weather or mood does not work and we need a backup!

It was lunchtime by now. I had bought salmon which my husband dislikes, so I fixed it my way. 
 My seafood favorites!
 I have the Medifast guides right inside the cabinet doors, so as I reach for ingredients or meals, I can keep on track!
 I measure it just right to 5 oz!
 And then just add the veggies! Simple and filling lunch!

Some sweeping, a few dishes and some damp wipe down of doors, its time to watch Buying the Bayou on HGTV! First time watching it and its growing on me! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week One - Day 3 Weigh In this Friday!

I created this food journal so I can keep track of EVERYTHING!

I hope this helps me keep on track to losing weight!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Starting the Morning with H2O!

This is the center of my life right now. Water and my meal log.  Medifast has this cool colorful form that helps you records all your meals and activities. I love it! It comes two to a page.

The energy from yesterday's busy day stayed with me and helped me get going this morning. Tired and sore, but still energized!  Yesterday we were saddeling up the horse at 8:00 am for my daughter's lesson. The breeze was nice and cool, perfect weather!!

Grocery shopping, walked to the park, pulling weeds and dead bushes out, blowing and cleaning up leaves, cleaned return a/c grill in the kitchen (gross), wiped down island range, vacummed upstairs and rug downstairs, wiped down the fan blades, cut down branches from our back tree, put up laundry and even created a mermaid costume from scraps for my daughter to wear. Of course the dishes and kitchen cleaning was spread throughout the day.

This morning we made breakfast, cleaned up, swept, started laundry and finally, with Pocahontas help, was able to go through a whole ENTIRE Parents magazine! It was amazing!!

I hope this kicks me into being more active on a DAILY basis!! I need to lose this weight! The morning walk into my closet makes me sad. Half of my closet is lined with rows and rows of clothes that DONT FIT!! That fit just a few months ago!!! WHYYY!?!?! Well, I will tell you why, because of whataburger! Because of the convenience of fast food! What convenience huh? That few conveniences, and there were quite a few, were enough to make every morning an inconvenience!!! Seeing the scale linger and knowing its not going down, is FRUSTRATING and at the same time MOTIVATING!! That I am not working hard enough, that no matter what i record, my body is recording everything!!! It will not let me cheat, it will not let me get away with not putting in the hard work. Look, for me, being a single parent has been hard, managing the bills by myself has been hard, working part time and putting myself through school was hard, but they are getting done or have been done. So I know myself enough to KNOW that I can do this! I have the personality and dedication to get to where I need to be, to where I feel comfortable not having to wear shirts long enough to cover my stomach, to where I know I look great when I smile, to where my cheeks are gone down enough to not have to worry about straightening my hair and looking like I have an even ROUNDER face!! I need to stop being lazy, I need to plan it out, I need to remain focused and I need to want it even more than anything!!!

Whew, sorry, ranting...but this is where I am right now!! And I dont want to continue being here!! =) Wish me luck, say a little prayer for me!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

How to get re-focused?

My life has been a chaotic mess in the past few months. And sadly, my waistline is showing it. Too many of those really low moments when regardless of how happy I was earlier in losing those pounds, I didn't care, and ordered pizza or fast food! =(. Lots of pizza, lots of fast food. Lots of sugar and carbs. No healthy blog reading, no digestive healths, no vitamin B12's, no fish oils and of course, NO WATER!

The WORST feeling in the world is having to face it by buying new bigger clothes!!! =( It's depressing....and I don't want this. This size of clothing, this section of shopping in the store, the style, I want better, at least where I was before and hoping for better.

Date 5/20
Meal 1 7:30
Meal 2 10:20
Meal 3 11:30
Meal 5  
Lean & Green

I didnt make the best choice for lunch again. I think its time to go back twice a week until I get my routine under control. I need the accountability factor to help me through this!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye 5!

I have a horrible habit of not charging my phone! Sadly, no lunch pictures. But it was good.

Ground buffalo pattie style on a bagel thin with ketchup! Yummy goodness!

My day went something like this:

My chicken in Cajun tonight! Thanks to my friend Tony! 

Prepared stove top with a little olive oil then added the veggies at the end. Chopped tomatoes, spinach and portabello mushrooms.
 Good meal. I love mushrooms!
 It was raining the entire day, so we didn't get to go outside.

This morning, on the scale I went.....5 lbs down!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Wow! That is such a good push, I almost could not believe it!!! On a sad note, I found a printout of my last inbody taken in March of this year....

Seems I weighed 7 pounds LESS then than today!!! =( bummer!!! Now it feels like I wasted the last few months!!! =(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reset Button!!

Don't you ever wish your actions had an undo button! Just press and bam, back to where you want to be? If I had one, I would go back to when I was SUPER dedicated to Medifast. Weeks, really months, before I decided that going out to eat just "this once" was not going to hurt me. You know, because I would know that I just HAD to work it off with a pilates CD or a short run.

Well, that never quite worked.  So back to basics.

The basics for me are:
  • Write down EVERYTHING I eat.
  • Take pictures of all my lean and greens.
  • Go onto and write everything down.
  • Go to and at LEAST once a day and get a fresh motivational push.
Yesterday worked out great.

For lunch I had two Morning Start Basil Pizza patties with  ketchup on a Thomas's Everything Bagel Thin.  My greens were canned green beans, sauteed with sliced portabello mushrooms and cubbed tomatoes. Filling and fast to prepare.

 Love these patties, they smell soo good!
Off to whole foods for Kale for .....KALE CHIPS!!! Love these!
Organic chicken thighs, sauteed spinach with pepper and Olive Oil, kale chips with ketchup!
yummy. Need to work on color. Too much green, but so good.

After dinner, on went the running shoes, packed the stroller with water, snacks and mosquito spray and off we went. The loop to the park is 2 miles total. Half jogged and fast walked the way there and tried jogging and running the last mile back. I am not at the level to be able to run a mile, not even half a mile straight, but I can always tell I am going just a little further! Love that!!!
I keep repeating to myself "tighten your core, your body is ready, its just mental now!"

Now I get why running is such a good stress relief! Its funny how just trying to  just breath and not pass out,  shifts everything to the back burner!!! Oh, is that just me?!! !=)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lettuce Wrapping!

Sunday lunch is a great time when the family takes turns cooking lunch. Sunday morning we went off to HEB and bought the ingredients for lettuce wraps. Lettuce, cheese, diced onions, guacamole, mild salsa and tomatoes.

After much rinsing, chopping and cooking, we were finally ready to eat. Having the family over is great!
 These beauties were ready to be filled.
 Yummy goodness. Topped with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and mango salsa.
 Great recipe without the filling tortilla!!! yum-yum.
Today my water intake has been great. I have even managed to get in 2 cups of green tea and a handful of nuts for a snack.