Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lunch with the Family!

One of the highlights of my weekends is spending lunch with the family.  It's the time that we are all gathered together and have a great time. This was my sisters week to cook. On the menu was vodka sauce over spaghetti.

I pulled a BYOSalad, I washed and cut up Romaine hearts, cucumber, tomatoes and packed some sunflower seeds. Assembled it while there.  I added a sliced chicken breast, not pictured here.

 The smell from the sauce was sooo delish!!! Unfortunately, half and half was added right at the end, so it was off limits. How I wish I would have grabbed some sauce before!!

 They were hard at work in the kitchen for a few hours, but it really paid off! Everyone thought the food was delicious. Next weekend is our weekend to cook, mmmm, I have to start thinking of a healthy menu that everyone can be happy with.
 My last weigh in was this past Friday. Four more pounds lost, for a total of 44. Love it! I was worried going in since I had gone to my daughter's two year check up without my medifast meal!!! After a moment of panic, and knowing I had less than 10 minutes to eat, I ate my daughter's snack, a mozarella cheese stick. YIKES!!!! I figured the cheese stick although not optimal was definately better than not eating anything at all.

Gladly, it didn't seem to affect my weight loss for the week. VERY NICE.
I love the results of this plan. I like the ease and convenience. I don't like thinking I am on a fad diet that once I get off of it I will see the weight come back on.  I kept thinking that Medifast was more of a lifestyle change. To utilize is as the tool to get me from unhealthy weight to a normal range weight and then dedicate time to eating healthy. Kind of like a way to get me back to square one and let me take it from there.

I read wonderfully great blogs on other people's sucess at weight loss whether on Medifast, Weight Watchers and other such tools and get inspired. Yet sometimes I see the blogs where they advocate losing weight just by excercising and eathing healthy and rejecting the entire idea of the fad diets. The whole diets dont work mentality. Where does the truth lie?  Is the whole "diets dont work" mentality stem from the fact that once we are off the diet plan we can no longer be trusted to make the right choices for our bodies or is it deeper than that?

I want to believe that 44 pounds off and learning how to eat every 2-3 hours plus what to eat, plus the added bonus of excercise, would be support enough to guide me in making me make good food choices. Will it not? I don't expect it to be a miracle mental cure, where I will have no more temptations over unhealthy food choices. But at the same time, how can it not help!? Interesting....

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