Sunday, August 14, 2011

Front Beach Road, PCB!

Sadly vacation is over!!! Waking up to this view for a week really spoiled us all! The constant crashing of the waves onto white sand has such a calming and soothing effect!!! 

It was the one week that it rained in Panama City Beach! Lucky us (sarcastic tone). We waited until the sky semi-cleared and went out again!
 I enjoyed two packages of the Via Cinnamon Spice instant coffees. When I used sugar, these held no flavor for me! Now, sans sugar, they are the packages with the most taste to them for me! Go figure!!! Made me think about the common denominator in most of the foods I used to eat, sugar....umm...not good.
 I knew the lunch menu for the week, nachos, spagetti with meatballs, burgers, arroz con leche. I gathered my bag and almost ran out of the house in search for healthy foods! I knew that I was not going to spend my vacation stuck in the kitchen cooking elaborate meals for myself. So I searched in hopes of ready to eat healthy alternatives to go with salads (my green for the week.)  I was surprised to find a healthy section at WinnDixie. 

Buffalo Burgers- can never go wrong with this meat! Tofurky - first time trying them. The flavor was surprisingly really good! The texture, not so much, a little to mushy for my taste! The portabella mushroom burgers were the BEST. Super good taste and great texture!! I used the grassfed beef over a salad, really good!!!
 Of course, after a long drive and still having to follow a two year old around, I bought starbucks! Yikes!!! I choose the best thing I saw on the menu, a Skinny sugar free vanilla latte, 120 calories.
Overall, I think the heatlhy section of food, really helped! It was very tempting to see the other people around me eat all the goodies that I would have loved to be tasting and sit there and pretend that my salad and lean matched up to it!
But in the end, I am happy to have controlled the impulses to reach across and take just one bite of the sweet smelling arroz con leche or a just a small bite of the hamburger with toasted bun and melted cheese!! I resisted, and I am grateful.
One of my biggest food goals was to be able to resist, take in the moment and move past the food temptations. Seeing the pictures of the vacation I took with my daughter, yes i am only half way there, but the double chin was almost non existant as where before it would have been ever present!!! That made it worth it! No thanks cheeseburger!!!

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