Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodbye 39! Hello Panama City Beach!!

So here I am, with 39 pounds lost to date! 39! Yay! I am about half way towards my goal, only 39 more left to go.   I feel happy that I am half way there and that it looks so promising. 

This week I am on vacation!! A "real one" finally! We have taken a few mini vacations to Galveston and even stayed there over an entire week. But there is something about actually driving to another state, to a place I have not been to before that makes it feel like a real vacation!
I started off with packing my meals in little plastic bags. So things would not be scattered throughout! It looked something like this:

Then I started getting super nervous about running low or out of food. Not because I wasn't taking enough, but for the what if's that could come up! So back to the Medifast office, I went to get two more little boxes! The just in case boxes!!! That brought me to this:

I was also able to include the fish oil and B-6 pills, can of peanut butter (not mine, for my daughter), and the scale.

And here are these beauties waiting for snack time. Not all of these are for me, I am sharing with everyone going on the trip, 12 of us....maybe I need more bags!
The goal is to continue staying on plan, of course. Specifically, my goal is to keep track of my meal and set my cell phone alarm for my next meal time. And to take the time out to eat. Don't rush through it. I feel mastering this skill while on vacation we help me make it a priority in the long run.

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