Saturday, July 23, 2011

Copy Cat Hummus!!

I love Hummus! More than I can explain! The texture, the taste, how is goes with everything!! So, to say that I miss it, is an understatement.
I wanted to spice things up and stop eating fish! But when I went into the fridge I had three Tilapia fillets defrosted...=(. So I cooked them stove top with Olive oil and Ms. Dash No Salt Lemon Pepper.

But the memory of Hummus haunted me......what to do? Make a copy cat!! I had these veggies that needed to be used. So I cooked them stovetop with olive oil and italian seasonings for a few minutes. Then added water, covered and let them get nice and soft.
 Lots of veggie goodness.
 Pulsed them in the processor, until I got this! Thick enough like hummus! Love it, the texture is great and the flavor of veggies is great!
 This is 3 ounces of Tilapia with salad and my copy cat veg hummus! So good.

I received this great chart from the office, that lists the ounce equivalence of measuring cups for all sorts of veggies. Everytime I measured out my salad greens I noticed some where larger or smaller, just depending on the type of lettuce or measuring cup. This chart is fantastic!! Now there will be no question as to how much is a cup of lettuce! The above has half the portion of the Lean with close to one serving of the lettuce (half a cup equals 2 ounces). The above has roughly once ounce of lettuce to allow for the cherry tomatoes. And spoonful of the veggie puree!

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