Friday, May 20, 2011

Second Weigh in - Day 9 of Medifast Plan

Yesterday was my second weigh-in.  Scary and exciting. They confirmed, I am now less a total of 11 pounds!! So excited!!! Sticking to the plan is the easiest thing. And since I have been following the recipe book they provide, the Lean Green meal is easy to prepare and plan for. The recipes have a small number of ingredients which makes preparing them even that much easier. I just prepared my shopping list for tommorow. Can't wait to try new recipes.

Tonight's recipe was the Broccoli Chicken Dijon. Overall, I would give this recipe a solid B. Good flavors, easy to prepare and fast to cook! This are the ingredients for two serving sizes.
 I sauted the broccoli with garlic and olive oil.
 Cooked chicken, added broth and mustard.
 Then mixed everything together.
Dinner is served. Again the portion is huge! I have literally compared the book ounces to the scale to confirm! I find that the 5 Medifast meals really help me enjoy the Lean Green. I take more time in savoring the taste.
Earlier today, I had the Chicken and Wild Rice soup for lunch. For work, I usually make them the night before and leave them in the fridge until lunchtime. Today I only prepped it an hour before lunch.  The overnight soak really helps the texture of the ingredients. I noticed a few hard pieces of rice....=(. The taste was still good. Lesson learned, SOAK SOAK SOAK!!!!
Last night's dinner was the baked salmon. Delish!!! Love this dish, I looove salmon and asparagus!!
This was a great week! Can't wait for next week's weigh-in! I am hoping for another great week!

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