Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 2 & Day 3!

Day 3 down! Yay! I feel good. I did feel really hungry this morning around 10ish. But I moved offices and was unpacking boxes. The added movement with a decrease in caloric intake could be to blame. I drank more water and waited it out until my next Medifast Meal.
Lunchtime brought another surprise, I had forgotten to pack half of my Lean and Green for lunch. Nooooooooo!!! I was upset! Since I had been feeling hungry I was so looking forward to the shrimp. So I ate the bar instead and for dinner had the full Lean and Green portion. And I must confess I asked my co-worker to bring me two pickle spears from the deli. I ate those between the lunch Medifast Meal and next Medifast Meal shake.
 Yesterday, Day 2 on the plan, I had an appointment with the counselor to get weighed in. Small change of 1.5 lbs down. I am hoping for more and more and more.
True to the prior post, we bought more broccoli to make the Northern Italian Shrimp recipe for dinner and another portion for lunch. 

 The aroma of the dressing with the shrimp is delish! I find that this meal is really simple to prepare and cook. The chopping is minimal, very little ingredients, and it cooks in no time! We will definately repeat this one.
 Yummy goodness.
 To me, the serving size yields alot of food! This is a picture of three servings. Trust me, we measured twice just to make sure. My husband is not on the Medifast plan but is eating the Medifast Lean and Green recipes for dinner. He is also not a seafood lover, he decided his portion was too big so he put back 3 shrimp. At the end of his meal he took them back since they were so delicious!
 My next Medifast meal was a Chocolate Crunch Bar. 
 Here is a closeup of the bar so you can see the bottom layer of chocolate that holds it all together.
 Tonight, I am pre-preparing the Dutch Chocolate Shake for my next Medifast meal of the day.
 I added enough ice just to make it smoother.
 I love these cups. The lids do a great job. And they are so much easier to clean due to the width.
I have two appointments with my counselor next week. So nervous. Like a good student I have started to fill in the Daily Success Tracker by day. I see that this has really helped other patients in identifying the best meal plans for them when they reach their plateau. Here's hoping!

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