Sunday, January 23, 2011

Relaxing Sunday!
This is the most relaxing weekend we have had in a very long time. I had an organizational to-do list but was unable to check off anything on it. I am not stressing over it. It’s nothing that won’t be there tomorrow or the next day!
Breakfast was fast and simple. A hardboiled egg with toast with almond butter and the Starbuck’s Vias are back!!! This morning I tried out the cinnamon flavored one. It’s pretty good. Would I buy it again? Probably not, I am really in love with the caramel one. It’s the closest to my caramel macchiato!!!!

Hello again! Leftover tilapia, still as good as yesterday. Sides of roasted tofu, fresh cherry tomatoes and tortellini.

I am looking for a new plain or vanilla flavored yogurt.  I picked up these three contenders yesterday. I compared them side by side and first prize goes to… Yoplait. Second prize goes to O organics Vanilla bean.  Yoplait French Vanilla tasted like a true dessert. Smooth, sweet and simply good. O Organics tasted a little more yogurty, not bad but not as sweet. (must check sugar content) And Lucerne plain was too strong for my taste.

A little yogurt topped with nut/cranberry/raisin mix. SUPER GOOD!! The smooth cool yogurt with the crunchiness of the mix was beyond delicious. It was more than perfect!!!

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