Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today it was one hardboiled egg, Starbuck’s Via with soymilk and two small pieces of watermelon.  So good.  The sweet cold watermelon was a perfect way to finish off breakfast.
Leftovers for Lunch

We met up at Pappasito’s Mexican Restaurant last night. I love to order appetizers, that way I get to sample a lot of different things.  I ordered the appetizer that had 4 chicken quesadilla wedges, one hard shell filled with chile con queso, 2 gorditas topped with pork, and four beef fajita nachos.  Look at these leftovers, they are a more than a meal by themselves.

 I was not super impressed with the gorditas. I don’t really like pork and I don't like the texture of shredded meat. But overall the dish was really good. Lots of cheesy goodness.
I came home and saw that a package had arrived! Yay for internet shopping! I found this Built sleeve for my kindle. I love the Built brand.  Durable, easy to clean and so soft.  I could not believe they made kindle covers.  It fits it perfectly! Can’t wait for my other packages to get here.  

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