Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple & Filling Breakfast!

I had one egg, pistachios and a Clementine with Starbuck’s Via. I love hardboiled eggs for breakfast. Although this is one of my first times I think they are a keeper. They are quick and easy and include very little cleanup. Definitely a win-win in my book.  We bought a whole bag of clementines so you will be seeing a lot of them. They are so sweet and juicy!  I received a gift basket for Christmas that had a mug with a pack of Starbuck Via packages. One of them is too strong for me for one cup. So I cut it in half each morning, makes it last longer! It does not substitute my favorite, iced caramel macchiato with soy. But there are times you just don’t want to get out the door just for a coffee run.    

Snacks included cantaloupe, oh so ripe and juicy and of course watermelon. My fav! I will take it to the grave how many watermelons I ate in one week, by myself, during the last month of my pregnancy. It was July, in Texas, really I cannot be blamed!      

For lunch I went for the vegetarian hot sandwich @ La Madeline. It had roma tomatoes, pesto and hummus. It was good, but I found it had too much bread for my liking and not enough hummus. Sorry no pic.
For dinner we had ordered pizza. Possible the best pizza in my area tied evenly with the 1905 Pizza Bar in Sugar Land's Town Square. Also super delish! But they don't deliver my way yet. If you are going to the Town Square to get the Pizza you might as well stop at Olives Martini Bar. The selection is not as great as Swigg's in San Antonio, but they are pretty good. I still look for something close to the banana chocolate martini on their menu. crossing my fingers! The service has ALWAYS been great, super friendly and fast. I have not had their food there yet, but it looks great. By the way if the kitchen is closed by the time you get there, they can always bring you some pizza from 1905 Pizza bar, same owners!
Pepperoni's does not dissapoint. E.V.E.R. They have great service and their delivery is pretty fast! We always order ours with extra sauce and extra well done. The sauce is delicious and the crust is nice and crunchy.
You cannot beat the freshness of their pizza. All of their toppings taste great! Be warned, after tasting this pizza there is no going back. You will love it!

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