Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year!!!!

It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning. With an 18 month old sleeping in takes a whole new meaning!  I had an egg with diced tomato on a whole wheat toast with a slice of tomato on the side. A small scoop of hummus and a cup of hot Earl Grey tea.  Delish!

LOVE leftovers!!  No defrosting, no prepping and very little clean up! Yay! I had leftover turkey meatloaf, balsamic roasted tofu and some diced up tomatoes.  A small oh so juicy Clementine for dessert!  I made a cup of Pellegrino with cranberry juice to go with lunch.

As Shrek plays in the background its time for mommy to catch up on her reading. Off I go to read for the next few hours with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea.  

 New Year’s Resolutions
I have never been a big new year’s resolution type of person.   A resolution to me come after a realization that can come at any time of the year.  But that being said, why not!? What’s the harm?
For this year:
·         Eat 95% local and organic. – Our current goal was to be 70% organic. We do most of our shopping at Whole Foods and stock up on all the staples.   But we found ourselves going to the grocery stores that are within a 10 minute walk, makes it convenient to go there to pick up anything we run out of. And you know what happens when you go to the grocery store for just one thing…….!
·         Organize!  - I started this year with the pantry but we still have a way to go in the pantry and in all the other parts of the house.  I have to start getting all our paperwork together and creating some cute ideas I have seen on other blogs. My craft area needs major organizing since I don’t have a designated space.
·         Increase Family  and friend time – I want to not lose focus of what is most important to me.  My family. 
·         Quality of Personal time  - Find activities/events that make the most out of “without baby” time.

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