Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today's breakfast was fast and simple. One egg, clementines and iced Starbuck Via with Soymilk.  I like these on-the-go type of breakfast. I drive and eat which means more time with the snooze button.
Baking fish is currently one of my favorite recipes. So easy to prepare, you can freeze and then pop into the oven. Too easy. I love the texture of panko, so I end up using it for all my coating needs.
Into the bowl went the panko, parmesan cheese, salt and garlic powder.
 Each fish was coated are ready to be frozen.
 I went to my piano lesson this afternoon.  I had started off with half an hour once a week. But it was too rushed for this pre-pre-pre beginner.  I am now at an hour once a week.  The hour was nice. More time to discuss all the principles and just enough time to get really frustrated with the keys! I have lots and lots of practice to do before I go back next week. I worked late today, so I had just enough time to eat dinner and go to class.  We usually put the baby to sleep at 7 on the dot. But she stayed up five minutes extra so I could put her to sleep! yay!

I prepared a hot cup of Earl's Grey Tea as I caught up on an episode of House Hunters.
 And then I got to crackin!

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