Saturday, January 22, 2011

The kind of Saturdays I wish for!  
Today was such a relaxing yet productive Saturday.
Yesterday I prepared this tofu for today’s dinner. 
I used:
-Extra Firm Tofu
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Garlic Powder
-Black Pepper
I pressed out as much water as possible by stacking the cubed tofu, wrapped in paper towels, under a cutting board and cookbooks for about 10 minutes. Then sprinkle them with the above and put in the oven @ 4000 for 20 minutes.
 All lined up and ready to go!
 I left a few without the balsamic vinegar, they only had black pepper. 
We started off the day by picking up the baby from Grandma's house. It was so nice to sleep in until 8am. We then headed over to Memorial City Mall to do some serious work clothes shopping. For lunch we headed over to Panera bread. It was a tough decision. Although Panera bread is at the mall and super convenient. Once we were "in town" (from Sugar Land), there were so many other choices available to us that have not made their way here. The contenders were Brothers Pizzeria, authentic NY style Pizza that speaks to Mr. Brooklyn aka Hubby reminds him or his home town and El Rey Taqueria that serves a Cuban and Mexican food menu.  He loves the pizza and knows the owners for years, and I love El Rey that brings back my college days where it was our "treat" to go to those days. With an 18 month old, convenience won! And organic cheese in the grilled cheese sandwich just sealed the deal. I had haf of the Frontega Chicken Sandwich with half of a Greek salad and an apple. The salad was big! I could not finish it. They were both so good.

 Nice and warm!

It surprising to get any naps into the day around here. So I was very grateful for today’s mini power 2 hour nap.  I felt so relaxed and energized!
Breaded Tilapia went into the oven while the tortellini cooked on the stove. A side salad and a glass of wine finished off dinner.

And now that the baby sleeps, I will go off to spend some time with my Kindle!

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