Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Its the end of the day again. These meals were put together very quickly and yet there were all pretty yummy . So lets recap before I get in there and get tomorrow's food ready.

Breakfast - Ricotta Spinach bites with cheese, organic blackberries and an organic banana.

Lunch - cucumber water, organic blackberries, salad, grilled cheese sandwich with spinach and carrots.

Dinner- Side salad that I could not finish. I left my balsamic dressing at the office and sadly creamy italian was just ok, but not great. Leftover pasta, ricotta spinach bites (becoming a staple in our home), and the breaded & baked salmon bites. Delish!!! The salmon bites are a keeper. Even my 14 month old ate them right away!!

Am I the only one addicted to water with cucumber slices? Here in Houston its pretty much always summer AKA always in the high 90's. Ok, ok, we have a winter but it comes and go so fast I barely have enough time to put my coat on. And by winter I am talking about weather down in the 50's-60's. Back to the water, love it, love it, love it! It's really refreshing and it takes the edge of just drinking plain ol' water. I have never really been into the Crystal Light packages.

Off I go to prep tomorrow's lunch and dinner.

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