Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Go Packing!

Tomorrow we are planning a girls shopping spree. I have my sister and mom along for the fun! I hate to try new food away from home just in case my picky eater turns the food away. But in an effort to add more fruits and veggies to her every meal, its a must! I made her bento Xtra large this time for the just in case.

It includes:
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Boarshead American) with sauteed spinach.
  • Kidney beans.
  • Earth's Best Organic Chicken Nugget - also known as the Backup
  • String cheese
  • Organic Cantaloupe
  • Snacks- Earth's Best Organic On-the-go O's Cereal in Apple Cinnamon, Sweet Beet Cookies, Earth's Best Organic chocolate elmos.
  • Horizon Organic Strawberry Milk
  • H2O

Whew!! That's alot, right? Better safe than sorry. She loves cheese and bread lets hope the grilled cheese is a hit! S has loved beans since she was 10 months old. All types of beans in all kinds of sauces. So we make sure to keep them on hand. Whole Food has such a great selection of organic canned beans with NO salt!! We like the o's cereal. We use it as a snack when we go out of the home and she loves them. The sweet beet cookie is also a new find. I just made this recipe thanks to You MUST go visit this site. It is FULL of yummy ideas and her baby is so close to my S's age, that I will start trying most of them out. My cookies are not as red as hers are, mmmmmm?? I will blame it on my southern beets!! Perhaps we don't like the deep red down here!!! Surely, it was not the way I followed the recipe!! =) I think my beats were waaaaayyyy tooooooo watery! Next time I will drain all that moisture out! Either way, they are pretty good.

And what was sweet little S doing while mommy worked hard in the kitchen? Playing of course! In the room known in the pre-baby days as the living room, now better known as S's playground!

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