Sunday, September 5, 2010

So many choices!

This weekend I ventured out to China town here in Houston. "Ventured" might not quite be right being that I pass up this neighborhood many times during the week. Nevertheless, I was looking for Bento boxes and came upon this Japenese store Check out their video on how to get to their store, can't get lost! It really helped! They have a wonderful selection of Bento products and alot of other items!! I will definately visit again and load up on their neat plastic organization containers. And everything in the store averages $2 bucks!!!! Don't be intimidated if you don't speak Japanese, they have wonderful sales people walking the floor and they are super friendly!!

Here is the bag that was filled with goodies!
And here are all the wonderful containers!!! My little girl is going to love them!!!! The little blue one is a gift for my friend's son and the big shape cutters are also a gift for another friend's son. Hope they enjoy!!

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