Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bento containers make me happy!

The cute little bentos have really been making my life sooo much easier. It's easier to prepare the daily lunches at night before going to work. Hubby just takes them out, heats and serves. It takes the work out of what she has available to eat.
For tomorrow she has the following waiting for her.
Lunch: Earth's Best Organic Baked Chicken Nugget, string cheese, pasta shells with veggies and half of Dr. Praeger's Sweet Potato Littles.

Dinner: String cheese, the other half of the Sweet Potato Littles and pasta elbows with Tilapia and homemade sauce.

If you have yet to try the baked chicken nuggets, careful, they are DELICIOUS!!!! The breading has a great taste. My little one loves them!!!

This is my first time buying the Sweet Potato Littles at Whole Foods. They taste pretty good and warm quickly in the microwave. I found that the texture is quite soft so they are perfect for my little one and her four little teeth.
In other news, IT'S HERE!! The Disney Princess pink and cute portable player for our little princess. How did we get here? Let me tell you. It all started after a very long day at the office. We did not feel like cooking and went out for Mexican food to Pappasito's. Well our princess was sitting in the high chair looking around like always. I turn to look at the table next to me and WHAM!!! I had a "Why didn't I think about that?!?" moment. In the table next to us a family had a portable dvd player for their little one! Perfect! We bought her the Baby Einstein DVD's that she loves! And recently bought her the Pre-School Prep series of the Alphabet and Numbers in both English and Spanish. Definately recommend. Since she does not get to see much TV at home. I figured our treat of going out can become her treat of watching cute characters that make her laugh.
So online I went and found it. With headphone, car charger and remote control, it was a great deal. And of course it's pink! Now to find a carrying case....=)

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