Monday, September 27, 2010

The world without waves.

I miss Galveston. I miss looking out from the balcony and seeing the waves crashing against the sand. I miss the sweet expression on my daughter's face as she feeds the seagulls. Most of all I miss being able to spend the ENTIRE day looking at her play, nap, eat and play some more. Now that we are officially back I spent the last hour getting my work lunch ready and tomorrow's dinner prep'd.
We will be having Salmon Bites. 1 inched cubed pieces of salmon, breaded and placed into the oven with a side salad.
After letting the salmon bites freeze and settle for 30 minutes. I took the time to clean the countertops and wash the dishes. Lunch was the next battle. I put together this quick sandwich with sauteed spinach with carrots on a toasted sliced bread with a slice of cheddar cheese. I cut up some cucumbers for my water at the office tomorrow. And ran out of the kitchen!
Of course all the bento boxes and sandwich bags were gone and missing.
Tonights dinner was leftovers from last night. Italian sausage, pasta, ricotta spinach bites and a salad.

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