Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 6 - Goodbye 24!!!!

I stopped by the office yesterday to pick up a few boxes of meals.  While there they put me on the scale!!! Yikes...not mentally prepared at all! My appointment was on Friday, I still had two more days of losing to do. But on I went............holding breath.........two more down!!!!! I could not believe it! For a grand total of 24lbs gone!!
I have been told, very kindly I must add, that my pants are way too big and that I have to go shopping.  I had tried going shopping a few weeks ago, when my total loss was at 15.5. But now at 24 down, I am sure that I have to be in smaller size...right? I sure hope so, that would be ultimately reassuring and motivating!

Lets talk Energy!! I am not a coffee lover, aside from anything with a green mermaid on it!! I purchased the Essential 1 Calorie Burn favor infusers for my water. They are amazing. They give you tons and tons of energy. I drink one right after or before my second Medifast Meal of the day. And not even a third of the way down, I start feeling the energy kick in! I love it! The strawberry Lemonade is really good. I love the flavor, but the Green tea flavor is not as good but alot smoother to drink. When I need energy I open a pack! Just don't drink one before bedtime or you will be making alot of mental lists as you lay in bed!!!

My super excited meals have included repeated versions of this. Baked salmon with black pepper and canned no salt green beans. Can't go wrong with this meal! I love Salmon and Liver, my two favs! I wonder if I could have liver, must ask!

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