Monday, June 13, 2011

Lean & Greens!

Last weigh-in went great. The total weightloss to date is 18.5 lbs!! I am totally excited and happy about it. Some days are harder than others to stay on track, but overall there has been no "cheating", I haven't eaten anything not on the approved list. Have I tasted the food while cooking and still weighed the 6 or 7 full ounces....of course not!!!!! I found this great tomato and basil, salt free seasoning and I love it. I have tons of tilapia that I froze together, so we have alot of tilapia to go through the next couple of days.
For this simple meal, I used my healthy fat of olive oil with tomato and basil seasoning, with red pepper flakes. Just prepared on the skillet, tilapia cooks super fast!

 The finished produced plus two cups of greens and half cup of sauteed zuchinni. Delish!!
 With a little black pepper!
 This was another great meal! I love buffalo!!!!! Here it is paired with 2 cups of salad topped with the .5 cup of cauliflower and Walden Farms Thousand Island dressing!

 For another dinner, I had the rest of the buffalo with baked asparagus!
 I discovered a "secret" at the Medifast office. They sell SAMPLES!!! Great way to try new things without the commitment or the fear of wasting money.  I sampled the Southwestern Eggs. This powder was to become eggs....I was skeptical....?
Once it was mixed with the water, the mixture looked much better!! 
 Halfway through I took sneaked a quick peak at the process. The egg mixture was starting to look like real eggs....go figure!! LOL
 Finally, we have eggs! The texture was PERFECT. The taste was really good! It had a kick, not a spicy kick, but a flavorful kick that was so good! I would buy more samples if availble to prepare on weekends. But I am not a big egg lover to begin with.
 Today's Lean and green was.....drumroll.......tilapia!!! Here are the three ounces with half a cup of broccoli and cauliflower.
 My second lean and green of the day. Rotisserie chicken w/ two cups of mixed greens and water!
 Tomorrow's Medifast lunches are waiting in the fridge. I have Capuccino, Dark Chocolate shake and peach tea.  The flavor of the peach tea does not have me completely convinced and sold! I am debating if its a possible rebuy item...? I will ask what makes it better, since they completely turned the Fruit Punch around for me! Lean and green is half portion of tilapia with veggies.

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