Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 9 - Goodbye 31!

This morning started off with some basic meal planning for the week. Its great to have a fridge stocked up with meats, so mostly veggies this week! Easy grocery store run....hopefully!
 Before the grocery store run, I had a weigh in at 11:30. I went in a little nervous and excited. I had missed last week's meeting. I had no idea how much I had lost or where I was at.  The scale did not dissapoint! Six pounds lost in the the last two weeks! For a grand total of 31 for the entire 9 weeks I have been on the plan! Wow! Its really nice to know! I was running really low on food. So I bought 18 boxes worth of food. I love these collapsable containers that make carrying the goodies home so much easier than plastic after plastic bag!
Here is what the majority of my food looks like.  There are 6 boxes of the chocolate crunch bars. I love these bars, not only love, they are the only ones from all the ones I have tasted that I like. The others are too much on the sweet side for me!
 The Essential 1 meals are my new favorite. They taste so much better than the regular meals. The Dark chocolate Antiodidants Shake is DELISH!!! The new one for this purchase is the Cherry Pomegranate flavor, I love cherries and love the POM I hope this turns out good.  Another new one is the banana pudding. I hope that turns out good!
 Back during the first week of the plan, I placed all of the Medifast Meals on the first shelf. As I brought on more food and supplies, I am now giving the plan the entire three shelves.  Its good for me to have lots of options in regards to the food that I want to eat on a particular day. I have stocked this up with all of my favorites and the newbies. When I began, I would place the entire 5 medifast meals in one bag, so I could just grab and go. That really worked didn't. I started taking things out of one day, I didn't feel like eating, until I ended up with a mess of opened and incomplete bags. So here is the new system. Have all the likes together and pick and chose the day or night before.
The first shelves has all the supplies. Medicine, measuring spoons and cups, flavor insfusers and blender and drink cups.
The food begins on the second shelf. I found these great white magazine organizers that are just the right size for the width of the meal packages. I have one for the Essential shakes, one for soups and the other for the calorie burn cappuccinos.  The basket next to it holds all the bars, next to which is the recipe book. And the top shelf has a plastic shoe box filled with cheese puffs and pretzels. There are two boxes of puddings with some extra brownie and soft serve packages behind them.
Today's half of the lean and green is Salmon, prepared stove top with salt free Mr. Dash and half cup of green beans.
I am waiting for my daughter to wake up and then its off to do some grocery shopping!

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