Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the love of Fish!

Last week’s weigh in went FABULOUS!! Loving every minute of this plan!

During the first week on the Medifast Plan, I could only have shakes and bars.  I came to realize that packing just shakes and bars was much more convenient than adding the punch, teas, pretzels and cheese puffs. Why? Who knows! It just worked out better for me.  I LOVE the both cheese puffs and both pretzel flavors. I enjoy those more during the weekends or evening, they take a while to get through when I am at work. Also, during my first week I lost 4-7lbs compared to the 2lbs I was now steadily losing per week!
So last week was a copycat of the first week, well almost!  I made nothing but shakes, shakes and more shakes. There were some bars thrown in there for fun.  I cooked mostly fish, Tilapia and Salmon. Repeating the same Lean and green meal all week may not work for everyone, but I find it helps out with managing my time.  I am in the middle of planning a birthday party for my two year old and staying up late into the night! Having 2-3 meals prepared and having only to worry about fixing my veggie side is great! 
I purposely stayed away from the scale.  I had started the bad habit of weighing everyday, so stressful!! It made weighing in much more enjoyable! Almost like being back in school waiting for  test scores! And it happened! Four pounds lost in one week!!!! WOW!!! I was so happy! Total weight loss to date (as of last Friday) 22.5lbs! Oh my!  Super excited!! Super Happy! This is such a nice number to know that its gone and really...just to think about how easy it has been! If you let the plan work and don’t sabotage it, it will work.  During my initial consultation my counselor pointed out that the plan works. And it sure has! 22.5 is such a great number for me and its very inspirational to know how far I have advanced towards my goal in such a short time!  I always say time is going to pass anyway, why not get to the end of the road, at exactly where you want to be. I am nowhere near my ultimate goal (1/3 of the way there), but I have been re-assured I will reach it by the end of November of this year.
That is the most exciting part, to be at my goal by November. How far is November really? It’s practically around the corner! And it’s been so easy, more than easy; it has made my life less stressful. Meal planning has taken care of itself!!!  Just to think back on the Friday nights of meal and shopping planning we would do! So much easier now!  And I feel great!

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