Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello.....Is anyone out there?!

Wow, just realized my last post was in September...WOW!! Where have I been...well here,!! Crazy life just got the best of me, the holidays, buying a new home, moving into such home, decorating, painting, and on and on and on and on....!
But I am back!!!! hehehehehehe! To summarize, here I sit overall completely happy with the Medifast journey I am still on. I am only 15 pounds away from my goal weight of 175. Which would put me into a comfortable size of a medium. I am currently stuck at 180-189lbs!!!! Grrr! I have not been able to break free from this weight for a few months. But of course, confession time, I have not been COMPLETELY on the plan. Let me explain. I miss regular food!! I dont miss the fruits, the breads, and the high carb veggies like potatoes. Don't get me wrong just thinking of a freshly oven baked potatoes make my mouth water! But all of these things have not tempted me enought to go "of the plan". The other stuff is getting to me, the slice of pizza at parties, a glass of wine here and there at family get togethers. A bite here and there of the kiddie grilled cheese sandwich that my daughter left on her plate, a chicken strip here and there. Soooo in all fairness I have not gone to a fast food restaurant in such a loooong time that I don't even get tempted at the fact of driving through a fast food place. But its the other little stuff, when I just dont have enough time to prepare a decent healthy meal!! And there it is the problem of all problems!! Not enough time. Everytime I pre-cook a nice piece of salmon and precut my veggies for my salads, I seem to be able to stay on plan more easily. But of course, I have not been doing that. Coupled with the fact that I have not been blogging or keeping a food journal is really allowing me to hide away all these bad eating habits. So today's resolution....get back on it!!! Record it all, pretty and not so pretty!!!!

I have come this far, I know the I have so little to go, yet it stretches before me as a long winding road.

Oh well, nowhere to go but forward towards my goal. Please wish me luck!!!

So tonight was night where I split my lean and green. For lunch we went to Luby's where I picked up a blackened tilapia with side of spinach.  Yummy!!

For the second lean and green, hubby ordered oven roasted wings, without sauce from our favorite pizza place. In preparation I chopped up veggies and rinse some salad greens.

 Ready and stored for next time.

 Salad, water, green tea and a few wings.
Really good dinner as we saw Planet of the Apes. I loved it! Such a good movie, thank you redbox, I cant believe I never saw the previews for this movie!!! It would have been great to see this movie at the theather!!!

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