Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Weather!

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL. From 100+ to cool low 80's!!!! Love it!  We went for a great walk yesterday evening. We even saw a bunny! I stumbled upon and registered. Hopefully a great way to track my walking miles.

It's official (almost), the decision has been made its now time to pay up! I am walking the Susan G Komen - Race for the Cure on October 1st! Fully inspired by some of my blog favs, I mentioned to my friend I wanted to work up to running a 5K. She is registering with her job, invitedd me, and I am in!!! We are going with the walking group until we work our way up to running one! I am beyond excited! i am nervous, wish me luck!

What goes better with this cool weather than yummy creamy chicken noodle soup!?! Nothing! I measured 8 ounces from the extremely, can literally cause 3rd degree burns,  hot water that comes out of the coffee maker and then placed it in the microwave for less than a minute. It came out super creamy! Love the texture!!!

Can't say the same for the styrofoam but it helped out!
Ever feel like you just don't have enough energy in the morning?!? Of course you do! Of course, I did, this morning! And like magic, a skinny vanilla latte with soy milk found its way to my office! yay!!! I ordered a tall, yet still have problems getting through it! Is there a kiddie size, for next time? LOL
And lunchtime wouldn't be complete without catching up with my fav bloggers. I heart them! They are so inspirational and give me that extra push to make healthier choices!

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