Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tony's Salmon

Today was a better Medifast day! On the plus side, I made a great lean and green meal of salmon and a few veggies pan sauteed with a little italian dressing.  This was my first time using the Tony seasoning. I loved the fact that it was salt free. Eating healthier for me, has translated into a very salt-less and sugar less way of clean eating. Sometimes I find seasonings too salty!!
 Half of the salmon went into the oven at 425 for around 20 minutes.
In the meantime, washed a few veggies and threw them all together with a tablespoon or two of italian salad dressing. I have yet to find a good veggie seasoning..=(.
 The salmon was measured to the ounce. Time to keep track of it all!!!
On the con side, my water intake has not been that great today. I have yet to make a cup of green tea, I am trying to get in at least one cup per day.  Also, no exercise today, well not real exercise. I did take the stroller out around the neighborhood yesterday. And today we finished cleaning up the garage. There are tons of boxes we cut up and are stuffed into the recycling bin. And a huge stack yet to be cut up. We were able to put up all the christmas and baby clothes and toys into the attic. We did a quick sweep and have stackes ready to donate and trash. There was sweating involved so lets just count it as exercise!!!  Further, tomorrow is our day to cook for the family. Meaning....clean the house LIKE CRAZY people. Its so much easier to spread the cleaning out throughout the week. But somehow we slacked off. So we did everything within 2 hours. Sweeping, dusting blinds and all tops of the mantle, counters, tables, fans, light fixtures...and on and on!!! Restocked the guest restroom, cleaned up all the mail from the entrance table, clear the formal dining table from all the pending crafts! Teamwork really helped. And just a tip, glass switch covers do go with the whole hollywood glam style but add that to the cleaning list!!! why?!?!?!?!?? Nobody told me that!!! lol!!!

Its interesting that I leave some items up on the counters because I just dont know where they should really go or dont have time to put them in the right place, but let me know that company is coming and everything goes to their proper "home" in no time!!! Note to self, host more parties!!!

I did go by the Medifast office today. Apparently I have 52 weeks left on my plan. The small goal was to get these last 13 pounds off in the next 5 weeks. Then we would start the transition phase and then the stabilization phase.  Wow, close! On a bittersweet note, a great counselor Tiffany who has practically been on this journey with me from the start is taking off on me....what the.....?!?!?!?!? I wish her the best, but I am going to MISS her sooo much!! She was such a great person to talk to and so positive all the time, she helped me get back on track in the sweetest of ways!!! sniff-sniff!!!

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