Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates Updates!

Wrap with chicken breast, mushrooms, lettuce. Side of guacamole. Chili with crackers. And the never to be missing, cucumber water. This was so filling!

Oven baked breaded chicken breast. Side of guacamole, black beans and canned corn with mayo and parmesean cheese. How I wish the corn would have been roasted, takes me back to my visits to Mexico.

Weekend Update.

This weekend was so great! We started Saturday with a walk to the grocery store to pick up a few things missing for lunch. Then we continued the walk towards the park. She loved it. She loved pointing out at the birds and she ran after all the dogs she saw at the park.
We visited the Highland Village Farmers Market and the Urban Harvest Eastside Farmers market! The farmers market bug bit us hard! We were on a mission. And now I am addicted to:
Cabrietta goat cheese, yummy. I have spread it on bread, as a side to my salads, with breakfast eggs and straight from the container. YUMMY. I must have more!!! We arrived two hours after opening time at the Highland market and still found alot of parking. So convenient and everyone was so friendly and informative! The setup was great and ample for me to navigate with the stroller.
The eastside market was a little chaotic. A wider selection of goods and veggies. I noticed that the same indian food and goat cheese vendors were there. There was alot more veggies and alot more energy. Serious shoppers rolling their ice chests behind them. Now that is dedicated! I might just have to copy them since I had to bring my eggs in a plastic bag with ice cubs. There was a mobile food truck, a juice bar, and more spices and flowers. It was nice to have such a greater selection but I prefer the quietness of the Highland market.
I bought 4 cucumbers for my water, organic mango snacks, water spinach and eggs.
How is that for authentic?
We had such a great time sampling so much food and buying our goodies. The chicken samosas were devine! I will definately get some this weekend. Since the weather here in Houston is cool, it is perfect for making the farmers market "our thing" to do on Saturday mornings.

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