Friday, October 8, 2010

Yummy Goodness!

This is so quick and easy that I am finding myself making it almost everyother day.

Spinach with onions go into the pan with egg.

In an effort to use something other than bread, meet my new friends.

Ta-da! Oh yeah, some cheese made its way in there! Gooey goodness
Again the wraps made their way into lunch. Chicken with salad lettuce with a few black beans sprinkled in. That the only thing with being a small family and really the only one to eat some of these things I buy. I find myself making alot of repeats throughout the week in an effort to not let things go to waste.
And lunch was ready for work.
The weather is really changing. I cannot wait to eat oatmeal. I LOVE oatmeal. I love all the stuff you can put inside of it. Crunchy nuts, almond butter, honey, yyyyyuuuuuummmmmm. I think next week we will start. I am also debating on whether I should be making this oatmeal at work. I find myself taking the egg with me and eating it on my drive it. Impossible to do with oatmeal, so perhaps I should just have it at work. Besides I am the only one on my floor for at least an hour and half. What's the harm. We will see.

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