Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reset Button!!

Don't you ever wish your actions had an undo button! Just press and bam, back to where you want to be? If I had one, I would go back to when I was SUPER dedicated to Medifast. Weeks, really months, before I decided that going out to eat just "this once" was not going to hurt me. You know, because I would know that I just HAD to work it off with a pilates CD or a short run.

Well, that never quite worked.  So back to basics.

The basics for me are:
  • Write down EVERYTHING I eat.
  • Take pictures of all my lean and greens.
  • Go onto and write everything down.
  • Go to and at LEAST once a day and get a fresh motivational push.
Yesterday worked out great.

For lunch I had two Morning Start Basil Pizza patties with  ketchup on a Thomas's Everything Bagel Thin.  My greens were canned green beans, sauteed with sliced portabello mushrooms and cubbed tomatoes. Filling and fast to prepare.

 Love these patties, they smell soo good!
Off to whole foods for Kale for .....KALE CHIPS!!! Love these!
Organic chicken thighs, sauteed spinach with pepper and Olive Oil, kale chips with ketchup!
yummy. Need to work on color. Too much green, but so good.

After dinner, on went the running shoes, packed the stroller with water, snacks and mosquito spray and off we went. The loop to the park is 2 miles total. Half jogged and fast walked the way there and tried jogging and running the last mile back. I am not at the level to be able to run a mile, not even half a mile straight, but I can always tell I am going just a little further! Love that!!!
I keep repeating to myself "tighten your core, your body is ready, its just mental now!"

Now I get why running is such a good stress relief! Its funny how just trying to  just breath and not pass out,  shifts everything to the back burner!!! Oh, is that just me?!! !=)

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