Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye 5!

I have a horrible habit of not charging my phone! Sadly, no lunch pictures. But it was good.

Ground buffalo pattie style on a bagel thin with ketchup! Yummy goodness!

My day went something like this:

My chicken in Cajun tonight! Thanks to my friend Tony! 

Prepared stove top with a little olive oil then added the veggies at the end. Chopped tomatoes, spinach and portabello mushrooms.
 Good meal. I love mushrooms!
 It was raining the entire day, so we didn't get to go outside.

This morning, on the scale I went.....5 lbs down!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Wow! That is such a good push, I almost could not believe it!!! On a sad note, I found a printout of my last inbody taken in March of this year....

Seems I weighed 7 pounds LESS then than today!!! =( bummer!!! Now it feels like I wasted the last few months!!! =(

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