Friday, December 17, 2010

Tofu Time!

Lunch time came around much too quickly for this household. We ate breakfast and headed out, we officially become mall walkers!!! yay!  It was as though we owned the mall!! Along with the other walkers of course! For the first time EVER we had the whole kids playground to ourselves!! She could actually move around for a change! We stopped for a music notebook at Music & Arts were I saw the exact same piano for $1400.00 WOW, I got a great deal!!!

We were ready for lunch after putting the baby down for her morning nap.  I had never prepared tofu before. It was super super easy and it takes so good.
I cut the tofu block into 8 slices and placed them inside a few napkins with the cutting board and two gallons of water to take the extra water out.
                               I stacked them and cut them down into little 1 inch cubes.
They went into the hot pan that was sprinkled with olive oil. I waited 5-8 minutes until the bottom side was nice and brown. I then turned them over.

              Sprinkled some salt and pepper. And waited for the other side to brown nicely.
Ta-da!!!! So easy to make and it was great with the salad.

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