Saturday, July 12, 2014

The fun side of being sick!

I have a huge swollen eye thanks not taking my allergy medicine! So instead of going out, we stayed in today. Little S was with grandma. I woke up to the best thing on the beside table! Coffee!!!
Exactly the way I like it! Iced French Vanilla Americano, light ice and a splash of soy at the end! Perfection! 

We hung around and I tackled some laundry, while the hubs cleaned out the garage for me!  This is only about a week's worth of laundry! 
 To make our mornings easier, one hanger hold -shorts & shirts, pair of socks and underwear. I or she can just pull one of the rack and she is all set. No more hunting for matching items when I need coffee and she "is too sleepy" to look.
 I keep two extra outfits just tops and bottoms on the closet shelf just in case weather or mood does not work and we need a backup!

It was lunchtime by now. I had bought salmon which my husband dislikes, so I fixed it my way. 
 My seafood favorites!
 I have the Medifast guides right inside the cabinet doors, so as I reach for ingredients or meals, I can keep on track!
 I measure it just right to 5 oz!
 And then just add the veggies! Simple and filling lunch!

Some sweeping, a few dishes and some damp wipe down of doors, its time to watch Buying the Bayou on HGTV! First time watching it and its growing on me! 

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