Friday, November 19, 2010


For me, I like seeing everything that I have right away.  I started to make this happen with this pantry idea. Take regular 2X4's, spray paint them, stack them and ta-da! Instant organization! No tools required, the board were cut at Home Depot for me! No more guessing at what is hiding in there!

 My love of labels knows no end! My daughter's kitchen area was starting to get chaotic. I found these baskets in the back to school aisle at Walmart. Now everything is in its place and easy to locate.  We love these small glass bowls to heat up her food in the microwave, no BPA for us!
Taking it a step further, I got inspired to make more bows.  A semi-forced inspiration since most of my daughters bows are somehow missing!!!

I looked in the craft bin and found this mess!

But thanks to these handy plastic bands, I was able to give this drawer a makeover!!!
Its much better now!
What are your organization musts?

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